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Monday, 12 January 2015

Thundergun Express by Eat Defeat AND RobinBookerFilms

Hey guys, still getting through last years footage but from the depths of my edit here is a video I shot on tour in Europe!
So a little talk about my process and a small deconstruction of the video if your interested...

Last time for Eat Defeat I just used the show footage however this time we wanted to show some of the antics of the trip itself. So I spent around 3 days watching 450gb of footage and cutting out a few seconds per clip of funny stuff. There was a lot more good content however a lot of it lost its kick when you cant couple it with audio.

I ended up with about 5 minutes of footage to make a 3 minute song. I looked through all the performances and cherry picked my favorite moments to add into the shenanigans from the rest of the trip. Music videos are quite fun to edit because you have not only a beat to work to but specific sections. I added a little more performance footage to give the choruses more kick.

I used the large amount of dancing for the other parts of the choruses and then the wrestling for the middle eight. The rest of the footage was just the best of the highlights and the best time fitting shots. Finally I tweaked all the shots in length and a few in speed so that they matched the beats a little better.

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