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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Hunger Rough pot synopsis

Hunger is a zombie project I have planned for uni but it may become Outbreak File 3: Hunger!

Hunger begins with its protagonist, Andy a 20 something year old zombie, stumbling around in the zombie apocalypse. He is a typical zombie, feasting with the rest of them until he encounters a group of survivors, these few remaining humans are travelling through the city on foot and number 16. From a small alleyway Andy sees the approach a main street, the group progress, with the fully armed members blocking off the side streets, including Andy's. The man who blocks his path to the rest of the survivors is a man named Mark, who smiles at the four zombies in the alleyway with Andy. He shoots the first in both knees, the next through the eye, another he breaks the jaw of with his pistol and the fourth he punches square in the face, as it lays on the ground he kick and kicks her face into nothing. As he turns his gun on Andy the group have passed him and just before Mark shoots Sarah, a middle aged woman from the group calls him away.

Andy has seen the group now, and he isn't the only one, hordes of zombies stumble after the survivors who seek refuge in a shopping mall. Andy continues to search around the outside of the shopping mall for a way in, in doing so he has several interactions with the survivors whos numbers keep dropping as they make attempts to escape the shopping centre. Andy keeps seeing Sarah and at one time even sees her along, at a bottom floor window, through the window he stares and watches, face to face with Sarah, he just watches vacantly. In one attempted escape Sarah is separated from the group and trapped, on this occasion Andy lets her pass him without harming her, the two have gained a connection.

In the final scene our unpredictable hero Andy is stumbling along the road in his zombie like manner, he walks toward a feasting zombie who looks up at him, mouth covered in blood, and groans violently at him. He is starved but against his will he moves on from the dead body looking for food. As he walks around aimlessly he comes to the back of the shopping centre, on a raised loading bay Sarah, whom he has become attached to, and Mark, the now “leader” of the survivors that the shopping centre protects from the likes of Andy appear.

Mark waves the loaded gun at Sarah shouting, his authority has been questioned, she is as dangerous to him as the monsters outside the walls. Tears stream down Sarah’s face as Andy moves closer, quietly and carefully. Sarah turns side on and stares at Andy “ I'm not keeping quiet about what you did to that girl.” Andy shouts, supporting Sarah, threatening Mark. Mark has two problems, the first he shoots in the chest, Andy recoils and falls to the ground. The second problem is no different, he puts his gun to the side of Sarah head. The force of the blast knocks her off the loading bay. Andy lurches forward to get revenge for Sarah. Mark pistol whips Andy, he isn’t worth a bullet. Looking down from the loading bay Mark spits on Andy and retreats into the shopping centre.

Andy attempts to climb up to the loading bay after Mark, a fresh meal and revenge for the fallen but after just a few seconds he gives up, or forgets. Starving, Andy looks at the dead body of Sarah laid on the floor next to him. He looks. He blinks. Blood pools around her head. He groans at her and moves her hand with his foot. He drops to his knees and groans again. He places his hands on her shoulder and arm and groans, loudly, the zombie equivalent of a heartbreaking cry. He rolls her over and forcefully, angrily cries again before leaning over her body. Blood from the cut on his head drips down to his eye and onto Sarah’s lifeless body. He leans all the way down and takes a bite from Sarah’s side, as he comes up he looks upwards and cries again, his mouth filled with blood. We see his back as he sits over the body trying to resist his hunger as the picture fades to black.

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