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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Trailer Madness!!! After Earth, Oblivion, Star Trek Into Drakness

We finally have our first peek at the new Star Trek film "Into Darkness" and on the whole it looks pretty cool. It seems like Cumberbach's character is basically Moriarty to Kirk's Sherlock and there is a very small amount of the main characters in the trailer, instead we see a lot of buildings and a weird red planet. What annoys me a little is how much it seems like the Iron Man 3 trailer, it uses the same beat and a similar evil voice over. Its mainly the beat, that annoys me because it is in a hell of a lot of trailers now and has just lost impact. The best thing about the trailer is that wicked looking Gatling Gun! Should be a decent block buster anyway, it looks action packed for sure!

Conspiracy! That basically looks like the plot, Moon mixed with... something with conspiracies + a big budget and Tom Cruise. Its also slightly bad that Morgan Freeman is the Savage black but maybe it turns out a little niceer than that. It again looks like a pretty good big budget action flick however I worry that it might be one of those films you spend an hour being lost and then the last 30mins are just answers and explosions. We will see but it looks like next year is going to be full of action packed SF!

It looks like things might be looking up for M Night Shaymalan as After Earth looks like it has all the cmoponents needed to be a good film, good actors, lots of money and a few nice ideas. I'm a little surprised at how much of it is set in the woodland area, I would have expected more of an I am Legend feel or something similar to Oblivion. It looks like Oblivion and After Earth are going to be battling it out pretty hard next year, although After Earth looks more like its going to be a character piece driven by action without a particularly complex story. I saw a funny tweet suggesting the big twist end to the film is POTA style and its set in the past. Wouldn't be a bad twist but would be funny if it was called right this early. Anyway the scenery looks pretty nice and there seems to be a few interesting gadgets and toys so I'm pretty hopeful overall.

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