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Sunday, 14 September 2014


Marshsongs is a community led RSPB funded project including the prestigious Kismet drama group and countless creative members of the community. The aim of the production, as well as to entertain of course, is to raise interest in the recently renewed Beckingham Marshes Nature Reserve. What does this have to do with me? Well roughly a month ago I was contacted by the group to do some film work for them, principally to edit some wildlife footage for projection throughout the play. This grew into a short doc type film as well, chronicling the practice and progression of the project.

It has been great fun and practice so far, with just one week left before the performance everything seems to be falling into place. The script, written by Michael Hatfield, is being wonderfully performed in rehearsals and the music written by Russell Booker is being played by a select for students from The Gainsborough Academy fits the performance perfectly. The play, based around the Beckingham Marshes themselves, jumps through time to describe how humanity treats such land, its comical, dramatic and, through the personification of the Marshes, surprisingly dark. KISMET's physical style and the live music really bring the play to life, I am looking forward to seeing the live performances with the added energy from the audience.

The show is on next weekend in Beckingham and the following weekend at the old hall get tickets here: Telephone 07756 500292. Five pounds full, three pounds concession

Really do it, it should be a great show. 

I am hoping to have enough footage and story to do a slightly longer documentary, maybe around 10mins so keep your eyes out for that too!

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