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Saturday, 9 August 2014

Inbetweeners 2 (Damon Beesley, Iain Morris 2014)

The boys are back!
The Inbetweeners once again road trip out of the uk and off the telly onto the big screen once again breaking bex office records for UK comedy. There is a really easy way to review Inbetweeners 2, if you like the show, you like the film it is more of the same. Different enough to keep it interesting but expect all the same "bants" (banter... that wont catch on like "friend") as usual, poop jokes, failure to attract women and quite a lot of cock.

Supposedly the boys last outing, according to the stars anyhow, it is a fairly fitting end, dont worry though, no spoilers here. I think the film really works, I think I was the only person in the cinema over 20 apart from my dad but it was a great laugh and a pretty good cinema experience. I am curious about the cut scenes and cut actor, Daisy Ridley of recent Star Wars casting fame, but hope that the crew come back to do more. With the writers of the show and films now directing I think they have done a great job of letting the characters grow up in age without growing up too much as people... As someone who is roughly the same age of the characters I could identify with a lot of the less ludicrous scenes and it would be interesting to see that continue. Not to mention the somewhat lackluster careers that have spawned for the group, channel four comedies with them spawn left right and center but none are particularly well received, why not keep going?

Anywhoo to reiterate if you have laughed at the immature kind of humour and scarily accurate language for teens today then you will love the film just as you have the show.


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