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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

"Alternate" Outline

Name:                         Robin Booker
Working Title:             Alternate
Film Genre (or plot):   Drama
Length:                        10mins
Target Audience:        16-30
Tag-line:                      What would you do, with your last life?

Premise:                      An implant allows Adam to jump into parallel versions of himself but the new version of himself he jumped into is missing the implant and he is faced with mortality.  

Synopsis:                      First Adam must once again convince his best friend, Tommy that he can time travel, which is not hard as he has done it before. Tommy tells him however that his parents decided not to give him the implant and Adam is faced with mortality for the first time in over 8 lifetimes.

                                    For the rest of the film Adam tries to decide how to live his life, with Tommy to keep him straight he questions whether to follow a life he knows is good, get his perfect girl, stay at home, relive his favourite past life or whether to leave and experience a new different life.

                                    Adam thinks he knows which life he should live for those he loves, the past life sees everyone to a happy future and he begins obsessing over the memories of that life, making sure he is exact in his reproduction of it in front of everyone but Tommy. Starting with his relationship with Sarah, which begins with their perfect week but this time it isn’t perfect for Adam, he struggles to find pleasure in reliving memories. Tommy knows and cares too much for Adam to let him retrace his steps and convinces Adam that he wont be happy and those around him would ultimately suffer. It then falls to Adam to leave so he breaks his connections with his girlfriend Sarah and leaves his home with only the clothes on his back, the money in his pocket and a friend to share his new adventure.

Visual Realisation:      Alternate focuses on romance and companionship, the visuals should reflect this whilst keeping the mise en scene contemporary and interesting. The scenes with Adam and Tommy should be a little dirtier but still bright and fun, leaving the deeper colours and emotions for the scenes with Adam and Sarah.

Statement of intent:    I love Science Fiction and time travel is such a confusing and insane concept but I have never seen it used as a mechanic to make someone immortal. I think the problems a male 20 year old in contemporary Britain would face with the realisation that he will die are poignant, interesting and hauntingly relatable. I want to use the time travel and morality as a mechanism to explore the fear of leaving home, change and everyone’s mortality. I want to use realism and humour to entertain the audience and make them question the themes of the film.

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