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Monday, 12 November 2012

Doc filming, Day 1

The first day of shooting went quite well, it was a hard day, light conditions were
 pretty poor but we got to work at about 11 and spent the first 30mins getting 
settled. Me and our director, Steve went off with the camera to get working, we 
noted down which shots would work for each section of our poetic. Unfortunately
 our Urbexers were not available until 1500 ish so by then the light conditions had
 gone drastically down hill but we were there so we tried to get everything we could. 
I also had a lot of opportunities to use the dolly which was great fun and looked brilliant.
This clip shows brief bits of the kind of footage we got:
Here are a few of my own personal comments on the work that will effect our next
shoot and inform our future shot lists.
The first (practice shot) is good enough by itself. So get it without people in it
Graffiti would be good to get in the context of the room, not just abstract.
Expose for outside and inside on most shots.
Get peacock lighter
More 1 point perspective.
tracking shots work really well!
Chair reflections in better light.
Bathroom with more light
More of the urbexers doing their recording, it looks really nice.

Although that isnt all of the footage that gives a good idea of what we got,
a lot of it is a little dark unfortunately but we are hoping to film more soon!
I will be thinking of more shots and things over the next few days.

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