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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

MK, Han Solo, World War Z, SHIELD, BSG B&C.

Lots of little news stories for you today!
Warner Bros Announces Mortal Kombat RebootPretty cool to hear MK is coming back to the big screen, it will be led by Kevin Tancharoen who made the online series so it seems to be in good hands. With Assassins Creed, Battleship and Metal Gear Solid all getting films of their own its nice to see a classic Film game coming back!

Han Solo "Open" to Star Wars VII
Apparently sources close to Harrison Ford have said that he is open to doing more star wars films as are all three of them (Mark Hammil and Carrie Fischer) so the whole gang might be back... minus George Lucas. I like that they will appear, it will give the story nice coherence however I hope we aren't getting tiny stories about VII for the next 3years.

World War Z
The first preview of World War Z with Brad Pitt is to be shown soon, the preview for the preview makes it look insane, the fastest and most dangerous zombies ever in a film I can only describe as looking like Die Hard with Zombies... YAY... maybe

Tiny bit of news, shooting begins in January... thats it.

Battlestar Galactica Blood and Chrome
Blood and Chrome is coming in three days!!! Oddly it will be aired as a webseries on Machinima Prime. The series will be in 15 minute parts released over I think 4 weeks before being aired as a film on Syfy and released as a DVD. Its an odd way to release a series but at least we get to see it!

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