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Monday, 18 March 2013

A Short Story in Brutality Editing day 1

Despite our tight schedule we got way behind and our first proper editing session wasn't till yesterday (11th), Amy had done a little work already but only pulled together what she thought looked good, there was still a scene missing and we were already at 4mins on the timeline. On the other hand Joel's sound work was awesome the effects and rough foley for the fight scene was perfect, cringe worthy. The musical score he had put together was creepy and unsettling with just the right amount of melody although we are going to have to tweek his work to make it fit the timeline I am really impressed.

I didn't want to get too involved in the edit and at first was just keeping my eye on what Amy and Jordan were doing however I was aware of Jordan wanting to put all of his shots in whether they were up to scratch or not. I kept my eye on things for 30mins to an hour and not much had been done, partly because of none of the clips being named and partly because every cut had a discussion attached. With only two days left I didnt think we had the luxury of that much discussion so I jumped in to speed things up.  This worked a little but we still had a lot of arguments on what to cut and what not to cut, specifically the conversation between Jenny and Dean. Jordan wanted to show only the reaction shots because he thought seeing a moving mouth backwards would be silly, I disagreed. Its not the difference in opinion I was annoyed with but the fact this was the first time Jordan opposed something in that was planned in preproduction filmed in production and now he was questioning it in post production was frustrating. I told him to do what he wanted and he continued to debate, I just wanted something to be done so I edited a mixture of the two. I roughly edited for the next 30mins with Amy's permission and cut everything to a rough timeline so that Joel could start timing his music and the whole film was almost there, only fine cutting and reversing to go. 

So not a bad day in the edit, I would have liked to export today after tomorrows rough success but I think we are going to have to wait until early on the presenting day, there is still a long way to go. 

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