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Friday, 22 March 2013

CBT! Indestructible Hulk 5, All New X Men 9, Avengers 8, New Avengers 4, Cable and the X Force.

Indestructible Hulk #4
Another nice issue of indestructible has wrapped up the Attuma storyline and says goodbye to Yu unfortunately. There was less science in this issue and more of Banner being a bloke in general, there was quite a lot of attuma pointlessly pontificating but asside from that it was a pretty sweet issue. I get the feeling that something big will happen with the comic soon, a big villain or something cataclysmic with science, its floated along nicely for a while now we need to see it develop again.

All New X Men #9
I am extremely tempted to drop this title, and become less and less interested in it as it goes on, this week however a little of that changed... The new brotherhood look cool and I like their motives or lack there of, I cant wait for angel to change sides and the last page linking with Uncanny is very cool. Art was same as always, sleek and fun, I really like the sheen that highlights the characters. All of this is still only of limited interest, there are a lot of x characters I want to see more of and I dont care about the "past" x men buuuuut im gonna have to get over it, looks like theyre gonna b here for a while...

Avengers #8
I really liked this issue! It was all it was built up to be, it reminded me of a what if stanford scenario. i loved the way cap handled things and how villainous the avengers actually came across. I like the loop back to the last arc although all of the universe stuff is a little ott. I always feel as though doing character stories is a better way to go becuase if the whole univrse was going to die it would be a bigger deal... The art was nice, Kubert esque, very sharp and neat, loved it.

New Avengers #4
That being said the universe hopping earth shattering New Avengers is fantastic! Its believable and within the insanity the character moments are clear and defining. The personal fix's to the problem they face was an awesome way to present the issue and Epting brings the best to the table portraying all of the characters perfectly and emotively. I dont have a clue whats going on or who they are fighting atm but the cosmic battle is awesome! I cant wait for more!

Cable and the X-Force #6
One of the best issues of one of the best marvel now titles to date. Stunning art as always supported by strong emotional content, a little amusing action and stunning storytelling. This title is pretty close to perfect, pick of the week for sure.

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