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Thursday, 7 March 2013

CBT! Age Of Ultron 1, Iron Man 7, All New XMen 8, Cable and the Xforce 5, Avengers 7.

Posting this a week late so Im gonna make it mega short and sweet

Age Of Ultron #1
What a wicked start, whats with TRON? Looking forward to more!
Iron Man #7
Not as good as it has been but nicely paced action and intelligence, I want to see this really develop into something more, at the moment it doesn't seem to have much of a theme behind it in comparison to the first 5issues apart from what woulf tony do without a suit.

All New X Men #8
It was the same as always, not a lot happened but it was ok...

Cable and the X Force #5
Truely awesome as always! Good to see the team on a little down time and get together properly, well most of them. Time to see them face another premonition, I just wonder how long its going to be until the Stryfe shadow actually appears.

Avengers #7
I really cant remember what happened.... Oh yeah basically nothing, we were misled for 6pages which was a cool idea but I dont want to read pages and pages full of it, then we got everything explained and in the end we got to just before something interesting. So next issue should be good... Really this issue was nothing which is a shame but I guess that happens sometime, you have to have hype and a little bit of pseudo science before something potentially cool, fingers crossed its worth the price of two issues.... art was nice...

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