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Friday, 15 March 2013

Short Story in Brutality Shooting day 1

I shot most of my drama last week, heres how the first shoot went.

Unfortunately actor troubles have continued and we have really struggled to keep the work on schedule. We tried to shoot last week but had trouble with our actress getting ill and put in hospital. Then we tried to shoot during this week with our Editor standing in as an actress if we couldn’t find anyone else. I tried really hard to find someone emailing as many actresses as I could find and asking both actors to get friends to help out if they could but to no avail so we eventually decided we would have to substitute our editor for the role of Jenny, fortunately it’s a pretty small role. One of our actors pulled out of this week’s mid week shoot and we needed him for the scene we had planned, we didn’t have time to reschedule the other scene in its place. We attempted to film this weekend but our other actor was unavailable and he is necessary for all scenes so we couldn’t shoot at all. Hopefully we will be able to shoot next week.

We finally had some success with shooting, we couldn’t shoot the scene we wanted to because of actor troubles again but did manage to shoot the living room scene with Johnny and Amy. It went really well, we spent a little bit too long with our first set up and struggled a little to keep to schedule, mainly because we had to wait a while for the set dressing but after that it was pretty smooth running. There were a few small problems, the lights were admittedly a little unsafe but after a little while of shooting we got a lot more efficient and a lot safer. Another problem was everyone else's unfamiliarity with the script shot list and shooting schedule, everyone had been given copies or shown where copies were but nobody was particularly comfortable with them leaving me to re read and reorganise everyone despite the fact they should have known what was going on, that made us much less efficient.

Anyway this was the schedule, we kind of stuck to it, we didnt shoot the bathroom scene and we filmed a little out of order but other than that it was pretty good.

MEET TIME: 16.00 @bus station. 

16.30 4 1 CU of hand track down to face J 4s
16.50 4 2 Blood drip from hand to hand (ring) J 3s
17.10 4 3 Shot from in sink J 2s
17.30 4 4 CU Tap running, being turned on + off J 3s
18.00 1 1 Low angle dean holding ring. J. 3s
18.20 1 2 ECU ring. Box snaps shut. J. 3s
18.40 1 3 Sofa profile shot of Dean Jenny comes in Pans across as she comes in and gets her coat and goes back into the kitchen. J.K. 30s
19.10 1 4 Reverse of shot3 OSS Jenny. J.K 30s
19.30 1 5 CU of mouth on hug J.K. 2s
19.40 1 6 ECU of phone steal J.K. 3s
19.50 1 7 ECU of phone message J. 3s
20.30 1 8 Medium long of Jennys reaction. She leaves and he waves goodbye phone behind his back. Dean fumbles ring in pocket and slams door behind him J.K. 40s

Joel, boom operator and sound man all rolled into one efficient man.
 Jordan directing
 Amy being unhappy about acting
 Not sure why at this point everyone was standing around, I'm sure we were busy.
 Amy being really unhappy about acting
Christi doing his art directing.

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