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Thursday, 3 January 2013

CBT All New X Men 5, Iron Man 5, Morbius 1, New Avengers 1

All New X Men #5
I have been notably uncomfortable with All New X Men and have found it in most cases less epic than I have expected, whilst this issue was far from epic the direction of the series seems to have finally been nailed down, the set up seems to be over and the actual stories can begin. One specifically bad point for this comic is the random insert of Cyclops recruiting the kid from the issue before which really feels more like an epilogue that should have been in the last issue, in this one it just breaks up the focus for a few pages leaving the reader expecting a split comic and getting a very one sided issue. Not that that is a massive problem I just personally would have preferred to have this whole issue focusing on whats happening at the school. As for what is happening at the school, this is one of the best issues yet, it isn't just set up, Beast's health problems are finally addressed in a fun and appropriate way and the All New X Men finally decide what they are going to do. Unfortunately Beasts new transformation looks stupid, he looks more like a blue monkey than a cat... However the best things about the issue are kitty leading the new x men and Cyclops calling his school Xavier's school for the gifted. I am also still waiting for someone unexpected to change sides, I had hoped it would be past beast but with past Angel's growing curiosity about his own fate and wish to return to the past could he be the x man to turn over to Cyclops' side?
Overall a pretty good issue if for no other reason than some things got resolved and I am hopeful that this issue is a turning point for the series to start moving at a better pace.

Iron Man #5
Gillen has done it again, another fantastic issue of Iron Man hit the shelves this week, with less action and more pontificating the future of the series is addressed and laid out for all to see, Stark is going to space. He is turned on to this idea by an old colleague "Eli" who took the last rogue extremis to make space capable humans to inhabit Mars. Tony disagrees with his capabilities to use the extremis responsibly or to protect it from others and quickly efficiently takes them down, the way this is explained is brilliant, I love getting a look at Tony the tactician! The soul searching within the issue works well, it feels like Pepper finally pins him down and wants to get to the bottom of his current issues, a sentiment he shows he needs by calling his new ai P.E.P.P.E.R. a fitting reminder of home for Tony. The AI isn't the only new thing for Tony to use in space, he has a new suit and it looks fantastic, Land has outdone himself, it reminds me a little of some of the variations from the 90's and from the Heroes Reborn era. I do think that it seems as though the series moving forward slightly mimics Avengers in its "be bigger" ethos and slightly mimics the marvel cinematic universe in its galactic feel. Stark wanting to do more with himself also mimics slightly what Waid is doing with Banner in Indestructible hulk however both of these similarities can be put down to general character progression and is a good thing for sure! An excellent end to the first arc, ultimately uplifting and exciting, the whole series so far has been perfect and I recommend it to all!

Morbius #1
Keatinge's new now Morbius is trying painfully hard to differentiate from the Morbius of old, however an origin mixed issue isn't a great way of doing that, the first issue seems like more of a catch up issue for new readers, however it does offer a feel of how the character will be tackled and the general feel of the book will be. One of my favourite things about this issue was the thin panels that only contained text, they seemed to be one of the few unique and punchy things about the comic. Morbius still seems a lot like himself he has always been troubled and worried in himself,  personally would like to see the series move towards Morbius being self sufficient and decide what he wants to do, scientifically or heroically or even villain...ey. Overall it wasn't a bad start, it was fun but it wasn't really a proper start to the series.

New Avengers #1
The first issue of the New Avengers is a simple tale of how Tchalla, the Black Panther gets over his aversions to joining the Illuminati. Except for introducing a villain and getting over this little stumbling block the majority of the issue is a little pointless, that does not mean however that it is not enjoyable. Hickman's writing is as always enjoyable but much like Morbius the majority of the issue is just set up and I am duly excited to see the next few issues. I do have one MASSIVE question WHY THE FUCK HAS TCHALLA LET NAMOR BACK INTO WAKANDA!!! Apart from that enjoyable set up to an exciting story with above par art from Epting that feels just like all his other art, pretty basic but pretty decent comic book art.

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