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Thursday, 17 January 2013

CBT Savage Wolverine 1, X Factor 250, All New X Men 6, Indestructible Hulk 3, Captain America 3, New Avengers 2.

Savage Wolverine #1
Wolverine has always been overworked and milked, Marvel now doesn't look like it will be an exception, and unfortunately Savage Wolverine isn't one of the better titles. I can only guess that the situation in the Savage land will last for ever, as the title suggests it will, so I don't expect the title to change or adapt all that much, I definitely dont expect any character development or questions to be answered. If you pick up Savage Wolverine all you get is another Wolverine story, him on a random mission doing what he does repetitively. On the art side of things Cho's work is ok, it is a little off but I honestly think that has more to d with the inks, and I like the panelling, it takes me back to Frank Miller's work on Wolverine. I think this is one of the first marvel now titles I am 100% sure I wont be picking up any more  its not awful but in a sea of wolverine comics and team ups a solo series has to do more to be interesting and Savage Wolverine falls into mediocrity.

X Factor 250
Hell on Earth War has begun with issue 250 of X factor! On a little side note I dont like these kind of earth changing stories in less mainstream comics because you know they cant be earth changing because it would be in a bigger title, I think in general XF would benefit from reducing the cast a little and going back to its private eye beginnings and noir style. Anyway back to #250, this explosive beginning ties together a LOT of things that have been brewing, but not all things, that would be insane, there are looooaaaaddds of thread in XF and it looks like some of them MAY be answered however Pad has a knack of getting out of giving us any answers. I have no decent idea of where this is going to go and I enjoyed the issue a lot, the art was great as usual and the battle to kill Tier for the leadership of hell is a great idea, im not quite sure yet why any of it makes much sense yet but its cool, Im looking forward to more as always.

All New X Men 6
Well the first 2 pages were a cop out! Issue 6 continues the relatively dull exploration of the past x men as they readjust to life in the present. Focusing on Jean and Scott with Angel thrown in at the end the issue was only enjoyable when reading Kitty's passages, guiding and comforting Jean, I think this is still because I am completely uninvested in the past x men as characters and just want them to go back! Scott and Wolverines scuffles were pretty pointless and the comic seemed only to move forward in the final panel and speech bubble, looks like the brotherhood of evil mutants is coming back with Mystique as its leader, clearly this will mean some villains to make Scott's team less villainous. Anyway the art changed in this issue but not a lot, its a little less glossy but very similar pencil wise and still pretty decent although the wolverine is a little off... So 6 is pretty much what you expect, MOVE the comic FORWARD BMB!

Indestructible Hulk 3
Indestructible Hulk 3 continues to establish the new equilibrium Banner is in, using his skills as a scientist and a Hulk, this issue specifically focuses on the Hulk part in a awesome battle with a classic AIM villain. Art stays fantastic although I am disappointed that Hulk isn't in the cool armour that the cover teases. Some new and potentially interesting characters have been introduced so I am looking forward to seeing Banner interacting with them rather than just Maria Hill. I really like the mission kind of set up that #3 presented and honestly really enjoyed it and the things it implies for the future of the book.

Captain America 3
Cap 3 is a nice quick read, the story is still a little insane as it its ending but the action and the narration are as strong as they have been throughout the series. I love JRjr's 1930's art, I love the colour scheme and the way he draws kids but the stuff in Z world still isnt quite up to scratch. Throughout it is the narration and the action are the most enjoyable aspects of the comic and I hope that once this story ends the writing style stays the same.

New Avengers 2
New Avengers #2 is my pick of the week for sure! An excellent comic, somewhat wordy for sure it was exciting, interesting and epic. I am so excited for the next issue! The art was sweet as it was in the first issue and the darkness and panelling gave the comic a really dark and epic feel. The whole storyline is fantastic, a little complex but it makes sense for sure, I love the galactus undertones and am looking forward to meeting the villains that have been teased in this issue. I feel a little like the infinity gauntlet is in it so that people learn what it is before Avengers 2 but its a wicked device to use and definitely fits the comic well. The comic also managed to rectify my problems with the first issue, Namor was threatened by Black Panther which is good and the real tone and story were actually laid down. Read the comic, its ace!

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