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Sunday, 27 January 2013

CBT! Avengers 3, Uncanny Avengers 3, Uncanny X Force 1, Young Avengers 1.

Avengers #3
The conclusion of the first Avengers arc is upon us and it brings with it tantalising teasers and typical problems, well written, again, Hickman's story comes to a clear and tidy end. As always a really enjoyable book and as always I have a few problems with it, firstly the first few pages of exposition are more recap than anything else and feel like they could have been more minimal. My other big problem is something I come across a lot in comics, Ms Universe or Equilibrium or whoever she is, is so powerful the rest of the Avengers are redundant, another appearance of this is Sentry however they fixed that by making him crazy... Anyway I realised when reading this how little I knew about a lot of the Avengers so it would be nice for a few of the next comics to solidify the line up and introduce the characters a little more. The SPOILER "one is life, the other is death" teaser is one to get excited about but again it feels very much like Hickman's uncanny x force. END OF SPOILER
A nice end to a decent introductory arc without too many dark questions or challenging material, just a decent read with some new epic team ups!

Uncanny Avengers #3
Things are finally kicking off in Uncanny Avengers, after two issues of setup its time for a battle between the Uncanny Avengers, the Red Skull's S Men and the crazed mutant hating american public. For an epic sounding comic for me #3 lacked pace, I felt the comic was too wordy, for an action climax the words slowed it down too much, I wanted to "watch" the battle unfold but the script took me out of the moment. The art was also a little off, I am starting to dislike lack of shading, pencil lines and "dirt" so for me this week I was a little disappointed, also the story itself was a little basic, the lack of planning or complexity in Red Skulls work puts me off a little. I really want this title to be good but so far I am not satisfied. As with the last few, an ok comic but nothing near as special as I expected.

Uncanny X Force #1
I was in no way looking forward to Punk Storm, Bishop, Puck or really any of Uncanny X force, especially after Cable and the X Force being amazing and me losing faith in Uncanny X force in the mid 20's. Fortunately the new writer and artist have produced something surprisingly good! The artwork was really nice, the clubish colours and thin pencils look really cool and fit the style of the comic, for someone who hates punk storm I quite liked it. Psylock's character seems to be going in circles a little but other than that the comics storyilne was decent, I like the idea of it being Puck's team, its a little unusual but all together the comic is written well enough that it seems both plausible and cool. I wasn't planning on this being a regular pick up for me but now I am very tempted!

Young Avengers #1
Wow! It was crazy as expected, the team of Phonogram injecting witty emotional realism into the Young Avengers whilst shaking up the relationships and the line up. I enjoyed this issue immensely, and one of the main reasons is the stunning art work, the mixture of stylistic and exciting battles with plain 8box pages instantly set the tone of the page, their juxtaposition increase their effect and the artwork and colouring within the panels is clean, smooth, expressive and brilliant! Onto the writing, the speech and narration itself was all natural and emotive, Loki always provokes a laugh and the quite scenes between Hulkling and Wiccan were really heartwarming, Gillen wasted no time in getting to the emotional heart of the book. As for the overall story, the team isn't quite "assembled" yet but I can imagine the cliffhanger of the book will be the force that brings them together, and what a crazy cliffhanger it is. Again I absolutely loved this book, each individual page offered something new and exciting or heart warming and all elements of the artwork perfectly translated the emotion of the comic. An awesome first issue, can't wait for more!

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