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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Continuum (Season 1 2012)

The Future Is In Their Hands
The first season of Continuum was premièred on Showcase this year and will soon air on Syfy I urge you not to miss it! I have only just caught up on the unfortunately 10 episode short first series but I enjoyed it immensely, it is that perfect kind of show that successfully balances serial aspects with an episodic format to deliver maximum pleasure to constant viewers and new viewers alike.

Whilst the premise is a little old and a little cliché the specifics and the unique Sf twists that I love so much (as usual) make it a new show with its own concepts. If I were to compare it to any other series it would have to be a mix between Terminator the Sarah Connor Chronicles and a typical cop show. On of the greatest things about Continuum is the political uprising of the Corporations that take over the government in the future, the main story set in our time lets the audience retrospectively look at the control corporations already have on us. This leads to a morale dilemma within the audience whilst this may be small the dilemma gives the freedom fighters/ terrorist Liber8 an understandable reason to fight and makes them believable villains. And what a troop of villains Liber8 are, they have masterminds, heavy hitters and sweet talkers, all playing unique parts in the story and bidding for control of the future in their power plays to control Liber8. The chess battle between Liber8 and Kiera and the serial storylines give another aspect to the show rather than a super power cop kind of show, this is added to by occasional glimpses of the future putting the past into context. As always with time travel programmes there is always the question of who is going to be influential in the future and what the characters in the present will become, this information is drip fed to the audience brilliantly, I can't say many of the reveals surprised me too much but to me that means the characters are well written and coherent. Those characters are played by (for me) a recognisable cast including actors from X Files, SGU, BSG and more Syfy related shows so its no surprise they are showing the series!

Continuum manages to be gripping, fun, new, intelligent, thought provoking and entertaining. Its a new sf to watch and in my opinion has amazing potential to be one of the greatest. I personally would like to see it move away from the cop route but that is just because of market saturation, Im sure it will stay fresh and interesting, I look forward to the next series and SO SHOULD YOU!!!

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