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Monday, 17 September 2012

Lockout (2012 James Mather, Stephen St. Leger)

"Are you always this obnoxious?" "Shh..." [whispering] "Did you hear something?" " No, I'm just enjoying the silence."
Lockout is a high concept action scifi, well written, well acted and a fun film for all Lockout is a simple but enjoyable flick. Partly written by Luc Besson one would expect something of worth to come from this film and in no way is it a bad film, it's predictable and full of action conventions but it is at its heart fun and enjoyable.

Guy Pierce stands out as the best thing about Lockout, his sarcastic comedy is perfectly timed and brings about a smile in the audience every time. There is not much else of note in the film, most of the visuals are similar to most space station imagery in modern SF and in older SF such as Alien and 2001. The soundtrack fits well but couldn't have been memorable as I don't remember any of it... As for the half hearted romantic subplot, part of me wishes it wasn't in the film as it is the most cliché thing throughout the film and can be guessed even from the plot synopsis. However the relationship between the two inevitable lovers no matter how common a story is done well and adds bits of comedy to the light hearted action.

Not much more can be said for Lockout, it is a film which tries to entertain with action and comedy and doesn't try too hard at deep and meaningful or dark and nasty. All in all a fun film which succeeds in its ultimate aim to entertain, its worth a watch if you fancy some time vegetating infront of a screen.

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