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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Wolverine Origin (Issues 1-6 Jemas, Jenkins, Quesada, Kubert and Ianov)

"I always knew that Logan boy would be trouble"
The dark and mysterious Wolverine, finally given an origin, a birth before the Weapon X program, before the X men or the Avengers, finally we see his childhood in this visually stunning and masterfully written story. It is in fact the first comic I recommend to new comic book readers, it grabs the reader emotionally and hooks them into Wolverines tale whilst bringing it to a satisfying close despite Wolvie's ling complex and a little boring if you have been waiting for the Romulus conclusion like I have for a long time now. 

I will start properly by talking not about the story but about the art! Andy Kubert comes from a distinguished family of comic book artist so you would expect good, coupled with Isanov's experimental and unique computer pastel inking the artwork comes across as stunningly beautiful. You really get a sense in each section of the narrative of a change in colour palette and in tone that accompanies the story brilliantly. The use of shadow and silhouette is another brilliant aspect of the teams work as they show you only what is necessary in the bloodier or harsher scenes. For those of you who have read it, the page where the train brakes is absolutely brilliant and nearly brought me to tears.

To the story itself SPOILER Telling the story through the perspective of Rose is genius, it adds a character that can be killed at the end and offers an outside perspective on James' life which lets his exact thoughts and feelings stay hidden in a very Wolverine way. The inclusion of James' mysterious brother is again brilliant as it adds a new dimension to Wolverine and offers the possibility of some interesting future storylines. I really love the way the audience is tricked into expecting Dog/ Dawg to be Wolverine until that first brutal and amazingly drawn jaw popping moment in which James is revealed to be the true Wolverine it again adds more depth to Wolvie's character in a fresh way. Its great to see where "bub" comes from and the whole of that second section is excellent, although not much happens you can see things under the surface brewing and changing. The ending.... James killing Rose in a fight with Dog.... wow.... upsetting for sure and a brilliant place to leave the story which on the whole is perfectly paced and just the right length. Is Dog Sabretooth? Officially it could be, that is if you disregard the scars, there is a lot of evidence either way, personally I hope he is, it would just feel right. END OF SPOILER

Really I urge everyone to read this, it is as excellent as can be and really ignited my passion for comics. Both art and story telling are perfect and they compliment each other wonderfully! Even if your not an X men fan, or a wolvie fan or a comicbook fan or have eyes you should try reading this story, it has the ability to bring you to tears and warm your heart.

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