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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Mark Millar Marvel Consultant, The Wolverine Official Image

Mark Millar Marvel Consultant
Mark Millar, the mind behind Kick Ass and many other masterpieces has now been hired to consult on Marvels remaining outsourced to fox films. These include both fantastic four and the x men, the official statement is that Millar is "developing new avenues for the X-Men and Fantastic Four tentpoles". This means he will have an influence on both the Fantastic Four remake, being directed by Chronicle mastermind Josh Trank, and the announced Xmen First Class Days of Future Past. To me this sounds like good news, Fox's Marvel films tend to be unreliable so attaching Millar  who successfully adapted kick ass into a film gives the dying series' hope. It would still however be better if Fox just stopped, gave the rights back to Marvel and let them do FF and X Men the right way!

First look at The Wolverine
Not much to say about this, its a cool image for sure, I like the backdrop and a usual Jackman is ripped to the max. Im looking forward to this with crossed fingers!

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