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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Resident Evil Retribution (2012 Paul W.S. Anderson)

"I'm kind of enjoying this"
I am going to try very hard not to turn this into nerd rage about Anderson mauling the R.E. universe with his abominations but I may struggle....

Considering this as a part of a film franchise its a little odd/ shit. At the start of the film all of the cast assembled in the last film (except alice) die, so again the film verse pretty much makes the previous films irrelevant (much like in 2,3and 4). The film starts with an annoyingly long shot that goes backwards in time, showing Alice go from in the water after the ship from no.4 has blown up, right back to the end of no.4. Then an umbrella computer shows us Alice's face telling us the story of the first 4 films before the scene plays again forwards. Alice wakes up in an umbrella facility and is watched over by Jill with a red pendant, (from re4 the film and the re5 game) until the power goes off and she breaks out. She runs into a room which is set up like the Tokyo outbreak in re4, a nice little callback. After zombie bashing for a while and after 19 mins of  film no plot or story has begun to develop, confusion and blood is all that has been displayed.... So Ada Wong waltz's onto the screen with good old Wesker to explain the whole plot which it pretty much followed to a T.

The concept for the plot itself is quite cool, Umbrella has test facility rooms, where clones act out various outbreak scenario's as real life demonstrations to potential buyers. However they are no longer in use as the outbreak has kinda already happened. They are now used to slow down Alice's escape and rendevous with the team that is to rescue her. This team is made up of a character from the fourth film and Barry Burton and Leon Kennedy from the game franchise (along with a few forgettable instantly killable characters). The rooms could be used to make the film feel like levels in a video game and are a really good idea but are poorly executed. There seems to be no goal in each room, the characters just fumble their way onwards attempting to look cool and delivering crappy lines.

The film is obviously an attempt to claw back some of the fans of the video game franchise, to this effect the film includes; Las Plagas, Lickers, Executioners, Barry, Jill, Wesker, Ada and Leon... it doesn't work. They have tried painfully hard to be true to the visuals of the games, all of the costuming looks spot on, but it doesn't all work, if anything RE5 tells us that some things should be altered from the source material in translation. The characters themselves are pale imitations of their video game counter parts (with the exception of Ada who is pretty spot on), not just poorly written but poorly acted too.

All in all Re5 is as unsatisfying as the rest of the RE films, they are trying desperatly to save it, there WILL be a 6th film that will lead on from 5 directly, but the quality of the films is yet to rise... yet to rise above its mediocre start and abysmal sequel.

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