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Thursday, 21 February 2013

CBT! Morbius 2, Indestructible Hulk 4, Nova 1, Avengers 6.

Morbius #2
The second issue of Morbius finally came out and whilst it spent a bit of time filling in gaps in the last issue it was pretty decent. The art was almost exactly the same, moody but not depressing, pathetic or a derogative of Miller, hurrah! In fact if anything it is reminiscent of Ron Wagners art in the 1992 series Morbius the Living Vampire. The whole series feels as though it is set in the same kind of slums (I know its not) with the same kind of villains, which is good, it works! It is nice to see Morbius not scrabbling for a cure for a change though and it would be nice to see that dynamic continue. I think this series has great potential, at the moment it seems to be concentrating on good simple stories which I like, it would be cool to see his own universe expand a little though. For an old 90's horror comic fan it would be nice to see midnight sons is all im saying, GR has been cancelled after all.... Anyway another decent issue of Morbius, next one should pick it up another notch!

Indestructible Hulk #4
This issue of Hulk teased us more and more with the current life Banner is living, we get less answers but more of an idea of who Banner is each issue. The comedy of the comic is one of its strongest points and really stands out in this issue. On the down by the nature of the comic it has to be very split, straight down the middle, story then action, in every issue. Hopefully there will be more of a way to mix it up in the future but its not stale just yet. Overall the issue was another good one, I love the internal monologue although it all felt too short, I want more pages of this book!

Nova #1
Well I don't like the cover, and after flicking through it looked poor... I was happy to be proven wrong. The one thing I didn't expect to find from Nova was an emotional family story, whilst I hope it doesn't become teen drama, it is nice to see a comic that has a bit of family drama. This mixed with the slightly confusing back plot that, I'm sure will be explained, delivers the right amount of action and story with uplifting endings. I have no idea about the space stuff in Marvel but looking forward to discovering it in A lot of new space books that this seems to be a part of. It smells of a Guardians of the Galaxy intro and tie in comic but there's nothing wrong with that.... as an xfan though I miss the Starjammers myself... Art wise it was a lot better than I expected although the art wasn't given a massive chance to showcase itself but McGuinness art should look real pretty in the space scenes.

Its good, emotional and fun but we learn practically nothing about how the series will develop, guess we will have to buy the next issue... I see you being sneaky Marvel.

Avengers #6
I missed #5, stopped buying them at #4 and am regretting it now that I have read #6. For a start any troubles I had with Kubert's art in #4 make me look like a fool in this issue. His sharp pencils and rough shading brilliantly fit the tone of the comic, they are stunning, the panneling stays basic but subtle changes add emotion (the car) that tugs the heart strings. Now to the story, like I said I missed #5 but I don't seem to have missed much, this seems a lot like the origin issue for Hyperion just more emotional and better told. The other brilliant thing about this issue is that Hickman writes SpiderOck in this better than Dan Slott does in Superior, his bitching and general demeanour were brilliant throughout. SPOILER I really hope Hickman changes his tune away from creation, both universe creation, mini world orb creation (XF), or Alien terraforming because I feel like its a little old, still epic but getting a bit worn. END OF SPOILER

It was a light emotional read exploring some of the unknowns of the new team. The stunning art work goes a long way to making this comic as good as it is, with no action it still felt fluid and entertaining. Still not sure if the series is a keeper though, it doesn't seem to have found its feet yet, maybe thats the point though, too many cooks? I dunno, decide for yourselves its worth a few quid!

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