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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Pitching the 10 min and discussing the 2 min Drama

More drama updates for all you folks!

For the whole project we need to produce two films, today we discussed the 2 min film in depth with our tutor as well as discussing the whole 10min with the group. This was really helpful, we got a lot of good feedback about the work and some new directions to go in including making it a family movie and mixing in my idea about repressed anger. It definitely made the film more attractive to me, I still need to read the script but once we get the 2 min out of the way I will start working really hard on that itself.

Till then its all about the 2 minute, we got a lot of good feedback about that too, especially in the form of revenge thrillers. Specifically "Dead Man's Shoes" (2004 Shane Meadows), the world Richard is in, and the murders he commits are given context and his anti hero character hinges on the evil of those around him. One of the conflicts with our project and this film is that our "anti hero" doesn't have a really big reason to commit the awful act of violence, we need to walk a fine line of not making him too hatable and getting the audience towards empathising.

We met after the class and discussed a few things, first off we finalised our locations, my house works really well for the scene of Dean and Jenny. This is simply because when I wrote it in I thought about my living room and kitchen so with Christi's set dressing they should look good. Secondly we are going to use Christi's house for the second location and bathroom, his room is big enough and he thinks he can dress it to look like a clean bachelors apartment.

So its all going well, unfortunately I still dont have all of the actors but they are on the way, we have Tom cast but we need Dean and Jenny. I'm going to get Nathan to help me find two other actors asap!

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