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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Weekly Me News 03/02/2013

So I have been struggling to keep up with blog posts recently, this is partly because of the amount of uni work I have and partly because I do blogs for uni therefore something I enjoy has become a big part of work, a good thing but it kinda means all my blogging efforts are taken up by uni and I dont want to do blogs for everyone else :/ So to solve this a little I'm going to start doing weekly posts on sunday to sum up everything I have done, or remember doing, in the week including the things I have watched,played, listened to, read and the work I have been doing for uni!

I began University at Sheffield Hallam again this week doing all the courses I want, Narrative and Time,  Cinematography and Drama, so that should be fun..
All my lectures were good, Im pretty intrigued by the narrative and time module and read "In the River of Consciousness" which talks about how sight and memory and consciousness can be split into discreet moments. Its mad stuff and delves into philosophy and neuroscience in ever more confusing theories but its a really interesting topic so I well up for the module this year! Drama was pretty basic, just inductions and stuff and cinematography was cancelled so we just read the briefs. For cinematography this week I have to start looking at and analysing colour in film and take a shot of St Pauls Tower in sheff.

I have played a lot of Halo 4 this week, I am working towards my KD ratio with a passion and loving the weekly spartan ops missions. I am filled with rage by war games even though I play it constantly, I hate boltshots, rocket launchers, sniper rifles, active camo and everyone...

I have been listening to.... not a lot, mostly the soundtracks to Cougar Town and Scrubs, god I love those shows and they have such good tunes! Check my bobolinthegobolin youtube if you want to see what I have been favouriting exactly. I watched a few Kubrick movies this week, The Shining and Clockwork Orange, both films I have studied and seen in the past, mad shit.... but amazing visually and interesting forms of storytelling. I wrote up a few notes as usual so I can turn it into work for my uni blogs (1 for cinematography and one for Drama). I  love both the films for different reasons, thinking of watching a few off Kubricks other films, I have seen 2001 and Full Metal Jacket but I am a little scared to watch Eyes Wide Shut.... I also caught up on Arrow this week which is a pretty good show however the recent episode with the fire guy... one of my friends hit the nail on the head when he said the character is a cross between Nolans Joker and Scarecrow... it was a little silly but oh well, gotta try these things.

So yeah a good week in general, I waited for my new camrea to be delivered to no avail, mon or tues hopefully :P

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