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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Drama! Reccie+Practice

We did a little reccie and practice shoot for our drama a little while ago, this is how it went, we took lots of photos on a sexy 60D!

 This first image is a quite high ISO but is a basic shot of the tunnel we want to shoot in.

 The next few are a little darker, thats the kind of ISO we want to shoot at so we will definitely need lights. However the location is really nice, we definitely want to use it.

 This is a few shots from a roof of a car park, it overlooks "Won Ting" a restaurant that we plan for Tom and Jenny to meet.

This is the second tunnel we looked at, it wasn't quite as dramatically lit so we are going to use the other one.

 This final reccie was of another potential stalking location however it might be a little to rural for the scene.

 The house we used for the location wasn't ideal but did work. The window let a lot of light in but for shooting we would have them closed, more lighting would be needed. The bed was well located and the wall just by it worked well for Jenny being thrown. The room was a little small though, we didnt have a lot of room to fight in.

This bathroom was cramped and the tap was wrong but light was strong enough and we got the practice and shots we needed to test.

Finally we tested a liquid latex solution that looked really cool. With blood effects on top  I think it will add realism and make the bathroom scene look really special.

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