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Saturday, 23 February 2013

More scripting and shot listing

More info on the upcoming "Short story in brutality"

After scripting out Jordans idea and talking it through, taking it all the way to a basic practice shoot we were all fairly confident about the project so we met up on monday to discuss where to go from here. Unfortunately Joe wasn't there and because of her difficulty getting about at the moment Amy couldn't attend either but we still got a lot of work done!

Firstly we had to look at amending the schedule, I wanted to shoot this weekend but it turns out thats not going to be possible because of a lack of actors. I posted on the ShuDrama facebook about a casting session but nobody got back to me. Since then however I have found one of our three actors, he could be either part, I have worked with him before and trust his skills as an actor. 

The monday session was really helpful and as a producer I think I really got a handle on the more creative part of my role. Whilst I get that Jordan has the majority of the creative control I really wanted to nail down shot for shot what the film will be, in doing so a lot of "kind ofs" and "a bit like"s were thrown out and I flt as though it was my job to settle creative disputes and change kind of's to exactly what they would be. I notated on the script and this is what it ended up like:
With my own script slightly adapted and the scenes divided literally into single shots I wrote a shotlist to be storyboarded. 

That is it or now, the search for actors, prop gathering and planning a pitch for the lesson should keep us busy, even though we are behind schedule I am not worried. 

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