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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Forward Unto Dawn (Part 1 2012 Stewart Hendler)


Halo 4 Follow Unto Dawn is a unique web series consisting of 5 20 minute episodes leading up to the release of Halo 4. All halo fanboys have been waiting a long time for a large halo project following the production of many Halo live action shorts to support the release of previous games and finally, finally the fans wishes have been answered! Was Forward Unto Dawn worth the wait? Has it lived up to the hopes and dreams of fanboys? So far yes! Hell Yes!

And there it is... A smooth looking awesome realisation of the Halo Universe, set in 2525 the biggest problem the UNSC face are not covenant but "innies", rebels fighting against the government, will this continue? Probably not, 2525 is a big year for Halo, a lot of things start to happen in 2525 and in the next few years so I expect the action to explode soon! So far all we have seen is the training of Thomas Laskey a cadet from an esteemed but deranged family who doesn't quite believe the insurectionists are as evil as they seem. Not a perfect cadet, suffering from cryo burns and constantly disobeying orders Laskey is at a low point, but he is not wrong, he possesses a tactical mind greater than those of his team mates, we as an audience wait to see him tactically flourish and surpass his squad mates.

I personally can't wait to see more, the covenant need to feature soon, the series is only 4 more episodes, whilst I really like the training and the characters I wanna see the war! So far the visuals have been awesome, everything has been spot on perfect. The skylines, the architecture and the equipment look awesome, I wish I had been a UNSC cadet, it looks so damn cool.

An awesome start to a series that I am sure will make a lot of people happy. Hopefully it will get enough views to persuade machinama to do more either with Laskey or with another group of interesting characters. Give it a watch whether you like Halo or not its a good watch. Roll on part two! Axios!

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