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Friday, 12 October 2012

Uncanny Avengers #1 (2012 Remender, Cassaday)

"Easy to show up and criticize after the battle. Someone had to set things right."
For anyone who doesn't know I must say I am a little biased in the marvel u at the moment, I am a big X men fan and a bigger Scott Summers fan so I am a little annoyed with AvX.

I'm not a big fan of the first cover, there are over 17 variants which is silly but this one in particular is Cassaday's own art and it isnt great. The cap and Wolverine are fine and look like Cassaday's usual work. The others on the other hand.... I have never liked that costume for havok, I think its a bad decision to put him in it, he would have been better off in his outfit from the 2007 period when drawn by Larroca. Scarlet Witch, Thor and Rogue all just look wrong, I'm not sure if its the dimensions or the poses but they don't look right. Finally this is an incredibly boring cover, it looks more like a promotional picture than a fantastic first issue. Fortunately the inside art is a lot better.
Simple panelling but thats quite a nice choice stylistically, and in general the art is similar to Cassaday's work on Astonishing X Men, bright classic comic book art, always nice to see and easy to read and appreciate.

As for the story, this is the first issue and it follows the basic kind of recruitment feel that many first issues do, along with Charles' funeral and a few little fights the issue flies past without much story developing so we are going to have to wait another four weeks to see what is in store for the uncanny avenengers.

SPOILER What we did establish was Alex isnt happy with Scott, big surprise, I am personally waiting for someone typically goody to tell Scott he was right, that would be nice. We also learned that Rogue blames Wanda for the whole throw down which is fair enough... she did cause it 7 years ago. Finally the first villain has been lined up, Red Skull with the brain of Charles Xavier!!! A really typical comic book villain idea that mixes the two universes that are steadily becoming one. END OF SPOILER

It seems like all the characters are pretty much back to normal, although we didn't get much info about the team itself and there wasn't much going on #1 of uncanny avengers is a good start and a good read nothing epic, I think the Marvel U needs a break from epic, but its worth checking out!

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