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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Wachowski's and Straczynski tv series, Iron man set pics

Wachowski's and Straczynski tv pilot Sens8
The "Wachowski Starship" and Straczynski are currently throwing around a pilot titled Sens8... Nobody knows what it is but with the trio all coming from an Sf background I can make a pretty safe guess at the genre! With the Wachowski's working on Cloud Atlas and Jupiter Ascending (which they have written and may direct) I cant imagine they will work on Sens8 much but who knows, its one to keep your eyes out for for sure.

Iron Patriot and Bleeding Edge armour Set pics for Iron Man 3
Here we see Tony sporting the Bleeding Edge armour (thats its title in the comics) and Rhodey in the Iron Patriot armour... interesting... and wicked cool!

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