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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Alternate Avengers Opening, Metal Gear Solid the Movie

Avengers Assemble Alternate Opening
I had heard in an interview that this was the original narrative, a frame to make the audience question the success of the avengers. Some people have labelled it as depressing and dark and it is to an extent, more interestingly it hints to the arc that could be included in A2 and makes the weird shadowed figures and Maria Hill more important to the series. I like it as a deleted scene but understand why it was taken out, the opening they did use got the audience straight into the action before the fairly long "recruiting" section of the film. This may have made the film a slightly different animal, it will be interesting to see if any other deleted scenes follow this story or if A2 and 3 are effected.

Metal Gear Solid, the movie

Shortly after the news of Assasins Creed being developed into a film by Ubisoft Avi Arad announces that he is producing a MGS film with Fox! His statement mentioned his role in bringing comic books into movies and the producing machine said that video games are the comics of today... that doesnt make much sense but basically means hes going to be playing with lots of money to get another new genre into the market. Will it work? Maybe, maybe not, video games dont have a good history in film but MGS has a pretty good story and depending on writer and director it could be a treat. On the other hand it could end up looking like a cheap MI knock off, the main trick will be to convert the unique stealth gameplay into a film without just making an average spy film.
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