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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Larp. Larping Around, Dara O'briain's Tough gig

I am a LARPer, I'm not ashamed of it, its good fun. The publicity around larp isn't all that big and most people don't know much about it so this is a little attempt to illuminate a few people with a few video's. It is the big CP event tomorrow I hope everyone has fun, wish i was there!

Firstly Larping around. This 10min doc is a good piece of work showing the LARP that I attend. Although it focuses largely on kit it shows a few peoples perspectives and is a fair representation of the kit side of LARP. It also includes some good battle scenes and is a generally nice little piece.
In a field of really POOR diy docs about LARP this one stands out as a professional looking infommercial style doc that gives a good insight and good images of the LARP community. This is for sure the best LARPdoc I have seen! But my work will be up there competing sometime!

Another goodish representation of LARP is in Dara Obriain's Tough gig in which Dara, the funny guy that he is, takes the challenge to do a gig in front of and about Larpers. So here it is
I think maybe he is a little harsh at times but it does pretty fairly show what goes on at LARP. You get a war, you get attacks on your camps and you get some people that think the while LARP is for and about them and their character is the most important thing in the world.... they can be annoying, some people do get too into it but they are easy to ignore. I liked the stand up and although this isn't the exact larp group I go to it shows how much fun it can be!

Well thats a little look into the world of Larp, I would really like to do some personal work surrounding larp either fiction or non fiction but I have a lot of project on at the moment so that will be something for the future. Its not something everyone will enjoy, some people just wouldn't get it but its like that for every hobby. Give it a try if you want, if not don't but at least try and understand it and understand why we do it! Well thats my little little attempt at spreading understanding over for now.... :)

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