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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Chain Reaction (BBC4) Minchin, Brown, Moran
I don't do a lot of Radio but I saw that Derren Brown and Tim Minchin were the interviewer and interviewee  on Chain Reaction this week. If you are unfamiliar with the show the interviewee of one show then becomes the interviewer and picks out a person to interview.

There is only one day of the Tim Minchin Derren Brown interview left so I will quickly review it. It covers Britishness and Aussieness in Tim and Derren's eyes in a comical way but seriously delves into creative processes, Tims past, life, work and Beliefs. The analytical look at Tim's make up of comedy is really interesting, the way he talks about the tension between his form and content creating comedy. I like the discussion about the way messages come across in Tim's work, the way he carefully looks at beliefs is really important and enlightening. Its a tricky thing to review but basically it is really interesting, both of them are really intelligent guys and it makes a really good discussion about comedy, beliefs, ego and quite largely atheism. Anyway WATCH IT WHILST YOU CAN

I then watched the Tim Minchin Caitlin Moran interview, this is largely about feminism and Caitlin's life. Whislt I had never heard of the columnist Caitlin Moran I did really enjoy the interview and liked listening to the views and beliefs of Caitlin and agreed with quite a lot. The only two interviews I have listened to I have really enjoyed, they have been intelligent and enlightening. I think, this is the main feeling and aim of the show and will continue to watch them and implore you to too!

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