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Thursday, 16 August 2012

H+, Murder of a Cat

H+ is a new web series produced by Brian Singer about implants in the human brain that give you an online interface and let you connect in an Apple Ipod Tablet mind way. Cool stuff, pretty normal SF, an idea a lot of people have thought of but yeah it is cool and the media style start to the series and the visual realisation of the concept is done really well. The series is to be based on what happens when a virus infects these implants and kills people. Only the first two episodes have come out so it could become apocalyptic or it could go somewhere else who knows but it does look good so far, I will do a full review when it is all out in a few months.

Murder of a Cat
Gillian Greene-Raimi's directorial d├ębut, produced by husband Sam Raimi, Murder of a Cat has just signed Dollhouse, Much Ado and Cabin in the Woods star Fran Kranz. This Whedon Alumni is a truly excellent actor, his performance in both Dollhouse and Cabin in the Woods, Topher Grace is one of my all time favourite characters so it makes me happy to see him getting more work. The synopsis for Murder of a cat is :
"A hapless 28-year-old eccentric [Kranz] vows justice when he finds his beloved cat shot dead with a crossbow arrow. After some sleuthing, he is shocked to discover that his cat was living a double life with a mysterious young woman. Forced into an awkward partnership, the two cat owners must embark on an epic suburban murder mystery that leads them to a conspiracy far greater than they ever imagined."
Sounds like it could be a laugh, it really depends how good the script is, hopefully it will be good but we willl have to wait for the trailer to come out!

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